Vocal Concepts is a Fee for Service practice. Clients are responsible for payment for evaluation and therapy services at the time of the service. The fee for evaluation is based on the total time spent in the evaluation process, testing, scoring, analyzing results, formulating recommendations and plan of care, and writing evaluation reports. The fee for therapy services includes the time spent in direct treatment and in consultation with the client and family.

We accept cash, verified check, and some app-based payment platforms. Upon request, a Superbill and accompanying documentation are provided for potential insurance reimbursement to the client. Please contact your insurance company to understand your benefits for services by a speech-language pathologist. Getting answers regarding your covered benefits in advance will help you estimate your costs in relation to your policy. Information to acquire includes number of visits allowed per year, your deductible, your copay or coinsurance, exclusions on the benefit plan, pre-authorization/medical referral requirement, and where to submit claims.

You may need to provide the insurance company with CPT and ICD-10 codes. Codes specific to your evaluation and treatment will be provided so that you may submit them to your insurance as needed.