Jean Skeffington is a Voice Pathologist and Singing Voice Specialist with more than forty years of expertise in performing and teaching singing in private practice as well as in college and university settings, and is therefore well suited to work with singers and performers. Evaluation for the Performing Voice includes:

  • A detailed medical, behavioral, and social history and Patient Reported Outcomes measures
  • Referral for videostroboscopic assessment of the structure and function of the larynx
  • Laryngeal Function Studies exam, consisting of aerodynamic and acoustic measures
  • Auditory/visual assessment
  • Behavioral voice and communication analysis
  • Stimulability trials

Performing Voice Therapy

As a Fellowship trained voice pathologist, Jean offers singing/performing voice therapy for singers and other performers who experience unwanted voice changes related to their singing and performing voices. Vocal exercises are tailored to the specific style and performance goals of the individual, addressing issues with vocal range, endurance, and voice quality. Ms. Skeffington works collaboratively with you, your medical provider, voice teacher and/or vocal coach to rebalance and restore your voice to allow you to reach your optimal performance goals. Performing Voice Therapy may include some or all of the following:

  • Realigning laryngeal and pharyngeal musculature used in voice production
  • Learning strategies for preserving vocal function while meeting performance demands
  • Re-aligning the subsystems of voicing: Breath (power) 
  • Sound production (vibration) and resonance (quality) Application of these skills to vocal repertoire demands

Singing Lessons

Jean offers singing lessons for singers of all levels of ability who wish to study and advance their skills, artistry, and performance confidence. Lessons are typically scheduled for once weekly, but may be scheduled more frequently for special circumstances, such as college music program auditions.

Vocal Coaching

Vocal coaching is available for the advanced, trained performer who is working on particular styles, and is preparing performance material. Coaching provides specialized instruction in advanced vocal techniques.

Presentation training

Ms. Skeffington offers performance and presentation training sessions for all public speakers and professional voice users, from the classroom to the boardroom to the podium–Vocal Concepts will help you present your message with your most effective and authentic voice.